Data Matters.

Do You Have What You
Need To Succeed?

Our insightful healthcare analytics provide your business with the keys to success. From visit volume, to surgical conversion rates, we know what information you need to solve problems and improve performance.

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You Have the Data,
We Have the Answers

Your practice has been collecting data for years. But chances are the data isn’t supporting the insights you need to manage performance and make critical decisions. Poor reporting tools and separate databases make this a time consuming and expensive challenge.

That’s where Cross Current can help. We aggregate your existing data and transform it so you can see what is happening in your business. Not more guessing. Real-time answers when you need them!


This product is hugely powerful for our operations. It enables our practice administrators to quickly get the insights we need to successfully run our organization. There is no way we could manage our growth without having this level of transparency and insights into our business.



#4 in Adult Orthopedics Hospitals

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