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With a focus on Productivity, Profit and your Patients, Cross Current extracts the data and KPIs to fully analyze Financial, Clinical, Operational, Billing and Coding, Compliance, Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction.

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Visit Volume

Who is your primary patient? Visit volume produces the answer to this question and more with instant, easy-to-view, and color-coded data. Search by visit type and/or service to discover exactly who your patients are and what types of procedures are in high-versus-low demand. Trend and compare year-over-year statistics and breakdown your information into procedure codes, locations, and provider. You’ll never have to wonder again whether physicians are meeting their benchmarks.

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Market Demographics & Growth

Now you can tell your own data story. Easy search capability by location, broken down by zip code and county allow you to see which marketing initiatives are most effective. Adjust your search to encompass demographics to gain insight into the gender, ages, and procedures your patients are taking advantage of the most. See how well your referral system is working through a comprehensive Referral Analysis. Best of all, individualized data can be combined with geospatial views to reflect the analytics specific to your business.

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Surgical Volume

To make better business decisions you need a tool to accurately assess surgical conversion rates. At present, Cross Current is the only company to provide surgical volume for precise calculations of service-line benchmarking. Surgical yield capability enables decision makers to identify underperforming-versus-overperforming surgeons to make data-proven decisions for increased optimization for future patient visits.

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Financial Management

All the financial information you need is at your fingertips: Revenue Cycle Management,
Collections, Financial productivity, Month to Date Charges, Charges by Provider, Transactions, and Adjustments. An executive dashboard enables a comparison of this year’s budget to last year’s; comprehensive AR Aging Buckets and Net Collections; and the ability to compare benchmarks with MGMA. Need a more granular view of finances? You can do that too with the Specialty Summary feature.

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Practice Operations

Optimize exam room usage and staffing. Practice Operations provides a detailed account of how many patients were seen, what they were seen for, volume per exam room, and essential appointment statistics—including a 13-week visual comparison. Additional operational dashboards provide insight into easily-definable stack ranks of office-staff productivity analysis. Now you can see who is underperforming, over-performing, alongside FTE equivalents. You’ll have the tools necessary to ensure operational benchmarks and appropriate staffing measures are being met without compromising quality and efficiency.

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Ancillary Care

Now Orthopaedic-specific practices have a tool specifically designed for their needs. We’ve taken our Visit Volume feature and narrowed its scope to specifically capture the number of visits, types of visits and more for the subspecialties of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and orthotics.

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Patient Experience

Expand the use of your patient experience data. Our Patient Experience module captures information from your patient experience, patient satisfaction, and patient-reported outcomes platform to enable the assessment of the overall service of your providers compared with practice benchmarks. Analytics can be used to reveal the bigger picture of how provider statistics compare with finances, visit volume, and more to truly illuminate how your practice is operating on a holistic scale.

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Call Center

Make the most of your call center. By extracting pertinent data from your phone system, our Call Center analytics will help gauge the overall effectiveness of your call center. You’ll have access to new patient volume, how many calls are being fielded by location and role, and a year-over-year comparison option. Our open-slot dashboard allows call-center personnel to quickly access open slots and book appointment more efficiently.

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