How to Understand Data Analytics For Healthcare

For quite some time, the United States global healthcare system has struggled when it comes to capturing data and analytics.

Private practices and medical businesses in which profitability relies upon the effective use of operational and managerial resources are no exception to this dilemma. Even some of the better platforms dedicated to data analytics for healthcare have historically left decision makers wanting more. They have been unable to deliver and parcel metrics in an accessible, time-efficient manner.

Cross Current seeks to not only alleviate these obstacles but to provide a comprehensive solution that will give managers and executives the vital information needed to optimize financial management and practice operations. And, that’s exactly what we did.

Uncovering Data Analytics For Healthcare: What You Need to Know

Data analytics for healthcare—how truly necessary is it? Very. This is evidenced not simply in what has been lacking, but in what has been proven. Implementing a comprehensive analytics and performance management system has been shown to help healthcare practices increase their annual financial and operational performance by 10 to 15 percent.

When we refer to data analytics for healthcare, what metrics are we referring to?

With Cross Current, we cover every aspect of financial performance, marketing demographics and referrals, office operations and productivity, and more by providing integral analytic workbooks and dashboards, including:

  • Visit Volume Analysis Workbook
  • Exam Room Utilization Workbook
  • Surgery Volume Analysis Workbook
  • Monthly Collections
  • Financial Productivity Analysis
  • Physician FTE Summary
  • Office Operational Dashboard
  • Daily Exam Room Utilization
  • Productivity Trends Analysis Workbook
  • Office Manager KPI Workbook
  • Patient Satisfaction Dashboard
  • Net Promoter Score Dashboard
  • Demographics Workbook
  • Marketing KPI Analysis
  • Call Center Analysis
  • Call Center Agent Performance
  • New Patient Appointment Analysis

As you can see, we’ve left no stone unturned—and there’s a reason why. We want to ensure that our clients have the data analytics for healthcare specific to their business needs in order to provide crucial insights to making the decisions necessary to refine and improve financial management and operational practices. Cross Current analytics accomplishes this by delivering real-time data including:

  • Surgical conversion rates to identify above and below target providers
  • Measurement of provider financial performance in comparison with peers and budget
  • Statistics by day by doctor based on the type of appointment
  • Average visits per exam room, per day, week, and month
  • Costs per unit for departments (front desk, scheduling, clinical support, X-ray, and billing)

Of course, this is simply an abbreviated synopsis of the sophistication and precision of Cross Current analytic capabilities.

How Cross Current Works

Once the Cross Current on-boarding process is complete, we’ll configure your system to enable sorting, filtering, comparisons, benchmarking, and KPI calculations. Once the software has been customized to your businesses needs, data can be swiftly delivered and shared, all through easy-to-absorb visual outlets—spatial charts, scattergrams, and dashboards.

Cross Current is helping to change the way practices perceive and digest data analytics for healthcare by filling in whitespace with accurate, secure, and comprehensive data.

If you’d like to know more about how Cross Current data analytics for healthcare can optimize your practice’s performance, profit, and patient outcomes, contact us at 267-454-2715. One of our experts is looking forward to speaking with you soon.


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