Data Correlation Is Pertinent – Healthcare Analytics

Correlating Patient Satisfaction data with other business metrics isn’t novel. It’s pertinent.

There is a direct correlation to your bottom line. Often times, patient satisfaction is overlooked because you simply don’t have access to the data.

For example, if a Surgeon, working in multiple locations, begins to see a dip in productivity or efficiency (drop in surgical conversion rate), then you of course will want to answer the age old question of “why?”.

  • Is there an issue with overall surgical volume?
  • Is there an issue with scheduling algorithms?
  • Is there a issue with staffing, resource, exam room capacity?
  • Or perhaps patients just don’t like the surgeon or office staff.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.36.14 AM.png

To answer these questions, you need to correlate a variety of data in a variety of ways. How can you quickly determine on Tuesdays in location A: Dr. Smith is overbooked, understaffed, and as a result his patients don’t like him?

That’s the kind of data-value you need easy access to within minutes!


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