Learn How Medical Data Analytics Can Improve Your Practice

Are you ready to shift your data mindset? If you’re a leader in orthopaedics, physical therapy, or surgery, a combination of all three, or any medical executive for that matter, having medical data analytics to make calculated, evidence-based decisions regarding practice operations may just give you the competitive edge you need. With the help of Cross Current, you’ll have the ability to solve a problem you may not even know you have and increase productivity and profit like you’ve yet to anticipate.

Medical Data Analytics That Do More Than Inform

While practices are required to implement and manage population health, tracking data for practice operations isn’t mandated. Although practice operations analytics yield vital insight regarding the overall success of a practice, it has historically been viewed as more of a novelty than a need.

Medical-Data-AnalyticsConsidering the fact that medical data analytics collection has been a cumbersome and timely process, it’s not surprising that practice operations are a lower priority for many executives.

As an example, a study was conducted in the U.K. to specifically address surgical conversion rate and independent management of spinal extended scope practitioners in a secondary care setting. The study, which included 2,651 patients, gathered analytical data to not only capture essential insight into predictive models for patient risk and resources for improving the quality of care but also maximize surgical conversion rates by ensuring patients are seen in a timely manner with the perfectly-suited provider.

Although the study was successful in yielding valuable medical data analytics regarding improving efficiency in practice operations, it took two years to complete!

Cross Current Medical Data Analytics Empower Educated Decision-Making

At Cross Current, we developed a means of perfecting medical data analytics collection and delivery to empower executives to make smarter, evidence-based decisions to improve practice operations. Although technology has improved since the publication of the U.K. study, practices are often still forced to collect practice operation metrics, using the following techniques:

  • Tasking an employee or employees with 20 to 40 hours to conduct the necessary research to pull data.
  • Hiring a consultant to collect and customize data.
  • Having to extract data from multiple applications and databases such as Practice Management, Call Center, EHR, Surgery Center, and more.

Our Cross Current analytics provide off-the-shelf software to not only seamlessly and rapidly extract data from multiple extraction points, but also to sort your data to tell your specific story in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Benchmarking, and Dashboards. In doing so, our software can help you reveal valuable insight in the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Clinical
  • Operational, Billing and Coding
  • Compliance
  • Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

The Surgical Conversion workbook, for example, allows practices to do what took the U.K. study facilitators two-years to complete, in a mere click of a button. The Surgical Conversion workbook includes a Surgical Conversion Rate Tab to reveal how many visits occur prior to surgery; Service Line Analytic Views to examine how many patient visit-to-surgery conversions occur; and the ability to compare and contrast surgeon benchmarks, and more.

What You Know Will Help Your Practice Grow

Cross Current analytics does more than inform you about your practice medical data analytics—it hands you the tools needed to make intelligent, evidence-based decisions to refine practice operations and boost productivity and profitability.

If you want to learn more about how to make medical data analytics more than a novelty to ultimately optimize your practice, contact us now at 267-454-2715.


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