Do More With Your Patient Satisfaction Scores

The expectation for improved patient satisfaction scores continues to increase.

While positive customer feedback is required for population management, it’s likewise essential to the overall well-being and success of your practice. As you know, the market is too competitive to afford oversights in customer experience evaluations. Yet, despite this knowledge, healthcare leaders admit that the analytic capabilities and uses of patient satisfaction scores and customer experience data is woefully insufficient.

Correlation of Patient-Reported Outcomes You Can Count On

Patient-Satisfaction-ScoresAt Cross Current, we recognize the barriers associated with the acquisition and correlation of patient reported outcomes, including patient satisfaction scores. While there are software platforms that specialize in sending and retrieving patient surveys, their analytic capability is limited, if not altogether absent. What does this mean for your practice? While fulfilling the requirements mandated for healthcare population management, limited analytic comparisons lead to a myopic view of the overall operational success of your practice.

We developed Cross Current Analytics to eliminate common healthcare data obstacles and empower you to do more with patient-reported outcomes. Our off-the-shelf analytic software affords practices just like yours an expanded insight into critical data pertaining to your patient satisfaction scores, including the capability to:

  • Utilize patient satisfaction score data to create benchmarks and KPIs
  • Compare benchmarks with Exam Room Utilization, Surgical Operations and more
  • Yield valuable operational insights such as the likeability of certain providers, bedside manner rankings, length of visit, and overall patient experience
  • Visualize office staffing trends (daily, weekly, and monthly)

Of utmost value to our clients is the fact that Cross Current Analytics extracts data from multiple access points (applications and databases.) The mixture of data is melded to provide seamless operational and practice management data. In turn, you’re granted a higher-level analytic appraisal of your practice. The result: potentially higher patient satisfaction scores, the ability to do more with your patient reported outcome data, and greater knowledge of where your practice truly stands.

Easy Transition

If you’re ready to do more with your patient satisfaction scores, the process of integrating Cross Current Analytics is a smooth transformation. Within a couple of days we can have you up and running, and ready to expand the data story of your practice. You’ll quickly observe how much time, resources, and productivity you save as a result of implementing a high-level analytic solution. To learn more about how our process works, contact us any time at 267-454-2715.


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