Clear Insight Into Exam Room Capacity Equals a More Efficient Practice

How efficient is your practice based on exam room capacity?

Are you able to calculate how many patients per room, per hour, and per day can be seen? Move beyond simply operating to keep the lights on by increasing provider productivity, improving patient satisfaction, and raising overall profitability. Knowing the exam room utilization analytics of your practice can provide the data needed to make critical staffing and business decisions.

Exam Room Capacity Analytics Divulge More Than Utilization of Space

Optimizing exam room capacity remains a complex issue within the healthcare industry. One study refers to the scheduling process as a “balancing of clinical criteria and acuity; patient needs; and organizational resources, structure, and culture.” The article then elaborates on the challenges of efficient exam room capacity scheduling and utilization. These can include:

  • Room-CapacityOverbooking
  • Extensive wait times
  • Cancellations

Perhaps not surprisingly, the two major outcomes of any of the scenarios listed above are poor customer satisfaction and frustrated providers. How can you avoid these situations?

At Cross Current, we understand the obstacles involved with refining exam room capacity. That’s why we designed The Cross Current Practice Operations workbook. Practice Operations contains Exam Room Utilization analytic software to enable your practice to get the most out of exam room capacity operations.

What Can You Learn Through Exam Room Utilization Analytics?

So, can you evaluate the efficiency of your practice’s room capacity and measure relevant data on patient visits? Exam Room Utilization provides you with answers through provider, location, and daily/weekly/monthly search filters. Search results are then transformed into easy-to-access geospatial views, scattergrams, and dashboards.

Additionally, Practice Operations allows your practice administrators the ability to view:

  • Exam room exceptions
  • Exam room summary by facility
  • Productivity trends analysis
  • Officer manager KPIs
  • FTE equivalents on staff
  • How many patients were seen and for what service
  • 13-week visual comparison

Cross Current Practice Operations and Exam Room Utilization analytics can optimize your scheduling practices, ensure benchmarks are achieved, and give you the data needed to maximize your room capacity efficiency.

If you suspect you need to hire a non-operative doctor to utilize space while another provider is in surgery, you’ll have the data to show it. If one of your specialty providers constantly runs over 30 minutes, the metrics will prove it. Instead of guessing, your practice can be equipped with evidence-based analytics necessary to execute critical improvements.

If you’d like to know more about how to achieve your exam room capacity goals in a more effective manner, one of our Cross Current experts is available to speak with you at any time. Click here to get started or call us at 267-454-2715.


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